Four cultural characteristics of Bali

Bali, the smallest island belonging to the country of Indonesia tour singapore, is one of the biggest (paket wisata bali murah tourist attractions from around the globe. Its ease of access and relative cheapness makes it attractive to small budget travelers as well. However, every major tourist city has its own unique cultural characteristics that allure tourists and Bali is no different. With a history dating back to the dawn of civilization, Bali is a treasure trove for people who are on the lookout for fun, relaxation and cultural knowledge.

Four cultural characteristics of Bali

1. Gamelan

Gamelan is a form of traditional music orchestra indigenous to Indonesia. It consists of gongs called 'kempul', which resemble large shallow plates. This form ofmusic is an integral part of Indonesian culture. It is often viewed in the western world as a new and alternative form of music. Gamelan is popularly featured in local radios and television.

2. Kecak

Kecak also known as the monkey dance, is form of Balinese music that combines dance and drama. The form basically stimulates the battle during the Ramayana. Legend has this that during this battle, the monkey force under the leadership of Hanuman and Lord Rama, defeated the evil forces of King Ravana. Every tourist who visits Bali takes a few moments to appreciate this exotic form of Balinese dance. Bali tour package providers ensure that you get a chance to witness kecak in its original glorious form.

3. Wayang

There is usual puppet plays and then there is Wayang. It denotes the puppet theatre and is usually performed in conjugation with gamelan and other music art forms. The whole puppet is mastered by dalang, the person who operates the puppets. The top dalangs commands international attention and exorbitant fees. A single performance can be run night long. Many Bali travel packages offer exclusive wayang performances for your entertainment.

4. Subak

Since millennia, Bali had a complex irrigation system for its paddy fields. The Balinese people don't just focus on water as a source but also it being a base for a complete water eco system. Under the Subak system, the water is allocated to each paddy field by a high priest. It has its foundation on the relationship principle between man and God. It has also been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As part of this recognition, Indonesians have to preserve this wonderful system of irrigation.

The above four characteristic of Balinese culture are the prime reasons why tourists flock to Bali. Take advantage of it with the help of tour and packages to Bali.


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